class starlark_tugger.CodeSigningRequest

This type represents the invocation of and settings for a single code signing operation.

When CodeSigner instances are registered with Tugger, they can optionally register a callback function via CodeSigner.set_signing_callback() to influence the imminent code signing operation. This type is used to convey information about the code signing operation and to influence its settings.

Instances are constructed internally by Tugger and cannot be constructed via Starlark.


(read-only str)

The named action that triggered this code signing request.


(read-only str)

The filename this request is associated with. This is only the filename: not a full filesystem path.


(read-only Union[str, None])

The filesystem path this request is associated with. May be None. The path may be a virtual path, such as one tracked in a FileManifest instance.


(write-only bool)

Whether to defer processing of this request to another signer.

Normally, the first CodeSigner that is capable of signing something attempts to sign it and CodeSigner traversal is stopped. Setting this to True will enable additional CodeSigner (or callback functions on the same signer) to encounter this request.


(write-only bool)

If set to True, the resource will not be signed and the signing attempt will be aborted.