Project History

Version History


Not yet released.


Released March 4, 2021.

New Features

  • The FileManifest Starlark type now exposes an add_path() method.

  • The Starlark dialect now exposes SnapApp, Snappart, and Snap types representing Snapcraft configuration files.

  • The Starlark dialect now has a SnapcraftBuilder type that serves as an interface to invoking snapcraft.

  • The Starlark dialect now exposes WiXBundleBuilder, WiXInstaller, and WiXMSIBuilder types for defining Windows installers using the WiX Toolset.


Version 0.2 was released November 8, 2020.

Version 0.2 marked the beginning of a complete rewrite of Tugger. The canonical source code repository was moved to the PyOxidizer repository.

Not all features from version 0.1 were ported to version 0.2.


Version 0.1 was released on August 25, 2019.

Version 0.1 was mostly a proof of concept to demonstrate the viability of Starlark configuration files. But Tugger was usable in this release.