class starlark_pyoxidizer.PythonEmbeddedResources

The PythonEmbeddedResources type represents resources made available to a Python interpreter. The resources tracked by this type are consumed by the pyembed crate at build and run time. The tracked resources include:

  • Python module source and bytecode

  • Python package resources

  • Shared library dependencies

While the type’s name has embedded in it, resources referred to by this type may or may not actually be embedded in a Python binary or loaded directly from the binary. Rather, the term embedded comes from the fact that the data structure describing the resources is typically embedded in the binary or made available to an embedded Python interpreter.

Instances of this type are constructed by transforming a type representing a Python binary. e.g. PythonExecutable.to_embedded_resources().

If this type is returned by a target function, its build action will write out files that represent the various resources encapsulated by this type. There is no run action associated with this type.