It is highly recommended to obtain and use one of the official pre-built binaries for PyOxy. These can be obtained from GitHub releases. Go to and scroll until you find the latest release for PyOxy.

System Requirements

The requirements in this section only apply to the official pre-built binaries. Binaries built by others may not have the same requirements.


The x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu binaries should work on any Linux having glibc 2.18+ and GCC 4.2+ and conform to the Linux Standard Base Core Specification. This should be ~every Linux distribution released since 2014-2015.


Modern versions of Fedora / CentOS / RHEL have a bug and don’t conform to the LSB Core Specification unless you install the libxcrypt-compat package. If you see an error about missing, your distribution is buggy.


The x86_64-apple-darwin binaries target macOS 10.9+.

The aarch64-apple-darwin binaries target macOS 11.0+.

The binaries should work on a fresh install of macOS.